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  • New Chat Rooms
    Posted by Simon Ward January 8, 2015


    Live Online Chat has been hit by the Google spam team recently and our rankings have fallen, therefore, we have lost a lot of visitors and our chat rooms have been very quiet since this happened. It seems that Google can demote websites at their own will, allowing competitors the ability to kill off their competition by spamming links. The task we face to eliminate this penalization is far beyond our capabilities, so rather than waste time on pleasing the Google spam team, we have decided to start again from fresh. This way, we can concentrate on our new website 100% without the time consuming job of contacting webmasters to remove bad backlinks.

    Our new website is and has been built with user friendliness in mind. No annoying popups, easy to navigate and far better chat software with lots more features. You do not need an account to use the chat rooms on, although creating a chat profile only takes 20 seconds and gives you complete access to the site community.

    Our new chat rooms include the following features..

    - Open as many webcams as you wish.

    - Enter as a guest, with your Facebook profile or with your 1freechat member profile.

    - Send gifts and flash emotions to other chatters..

    - Share videos, music and photos within the chat.

    - Private one to one chatting, text and video.

    - Many different types of chat rooms from our default to video conference, similar to Tiny Chat.

    - Add many in-built video effects to your webcam stream.

    - Customize the chat room colors, background, text and avatar.

    - Block annoying chatters easily.

    - Hand writing or text chat mode.

    - Safe and secure, moderated and running on SSL.

    We spent a long time finding the best chat software to run our new chat rooms and think we have certainly installed the best you can get!

    Please check it out sometime by visiting our new site here


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